Product Range:

6″ Plates | 9″ Plates | 3 Piece Trays | 5 Piece Trays | Clamshell Containers | Burger Boxes | Forks | Spoons

Who Can Be A Part Of The Eco Centric Ware Brigade?


Want happy customers served faster and in a less cumbersome manner?
With Eco centric ware’s modular design, clunky and boring tableware options are a thing of the past. Your customers will thank you for serving only tastiest treats without a dose of carcinogens!


Need to be part of a global initiative for better environment and healthier living? Use Eco Centric Ware for a cleaner carbon footprint, ease of food service with no breakages, no washing hassle and no toxic trash, only good garbage. Be a ‘clean planet influencer’ and be appreciated for leading the way to a cleaner planet.


Want to be a game changer in your industry? Need your serving lines to move faster? Eco Centric Ware can help you. Your food assortments and presentations look even better in Eco Centric Ware's statement tableware. Your takeaway is neater, faster and cleaner. Happy guests means more bookings and orders.